Publish Your Game


If you are looking for publishing your HTML5 based game on PlayPointGames please read the following guidelines. We are offering a revenue share model based on the popularity of your game. To avoid possible abuse, we are not revealing the exact parameters for determining the 'popularity'. Suffice to say we have certain procedures in place which try to distinguish genuine, engaged players from bots and/or fake traffic.

To get your game published it must go through our verification process. This service is free, if you are submitting only one game at a time. Verification may take up to 60 days depending on the current situation in the verification queue and game type. Simple games requiring no access to external URL's may take considerably less time.

Starting the verification process can be made only by registered members. If you are interested, open a support case and select appropriate topic to get things going.

General Rules

Payouts and Revenue Share Model

Fair play

If we determine that you have generated fraudulent traffic, used bots or acted in bad faith or caused financial harm to (knowingly or unknowingly) we reserve the right to remove your account and confiscate all accumulated PPG points.

Technical requirements

The game must fulfil the following requirements when applicable:


Following these guidelines help you to increasing your chances of getting your game verified and getting your revenue share payouts running smoothly.