Earn cash

How does it work?

It's pretty simple. Click any link below:

The nitty gritty

Glad that you thought of it. The details are also pretty simple:

  • You need to be signed in to accumulate PPG Points™.
  • We are paying weekly rewards for the best players in a number of games.
  • You can redeem a free ticket up to 23 times day to get a chance to win in Bronze Raffle.
  • Enter offerwalls tab on My Account page and fill in surveys and watch videos.
  • Join our organized events in Entropia Universe® real cash MMORPG.
  • Complete tasks (coming soon) on PPG website.
  • Join our Discord server to participate in competitions or to win random rewards.
  • Keep an eye on our advertisers for more earning opportunities.

What are PPG Points™?

This must be the simplest thing of them all!

They are the virtual currency we use on our site.

PPG Points are pegged to US Dollar at 10:1 ratio, i.e. 10 PPG Points equals $1 USD.
If for some reason we need to use fractions, 100 PPG Cents equals 1 PPG Point.

Points can be cashed out at any time as long as the minimum requirements are met. Check out FAQ and My Account for more information.

Withdrawal options

Amazon® Gift Card
Roblox® Gift Card
Steam® Gift Card
Entropia Universe®
Bitcoin wallet